Former Rotterdam resident describes terror of Las Vegas shooting

Former Rotterdam resident describes terror of Las Vegas shooting (WRGB)

SCHENECTADY, NY (WRGB)--"People were shot all around us. I don't know how we made it out. It was a miracle," said Lynda Teator.

Teator, who moved from Rotterdam to Las Vegas 12 years ago, was dancing and singing to Jason Aldean at a country festival in Las Vegas when bullets began flying.

"People were just running and the shots just never stopped. It was nonstop pop pop pop pop."

The wife and mother of three says she and her friend were panicking when a stranger came to help.

"He pushed us down on the ground and said get down on your bellies and he was literally on top of us and he got shot," she said.

Teator doesn't know if he survived. She says they just started running as victims were falling left and right.

"And I am a nurse. It was really hard to walk away from people being shot."

Eventually, her group made it back to their hotel.

"We had to shower because we were covered in everybody else's blood," she said.

None of them were hurt, but Teator is haunted by the horror they saw that night.

"I can hear people screaming and you close your eyes and all you do is hear the gunshots."

Those memories will likely last a lifetime, but Teator says what's more important to try and remember is all the good they witnessed.

"People who were jumping in and protecting people they didn't know, those are the people that need to be recognized."

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