Four more shot in separate shootings in Albany overnight


"Why can't we all get along. We keep saying that we need to stop it but we need to put it into action,” Says Sheena Sturdivant of Albany.

Albany police say three men were shot at the corner of Third and North Swan this morning, Sturdivant says that's too close to where her mother lives.

"We need to cut this (Expletive) out. Stop acting like animals and savages,” she says.

An hour later a man was shot on Orange Street, just a few blocks away from where 29 year-old Rashaun Byrd was stabbed to death on Thursday. That wasn't the only homicide this week, Family and friends are mourning the death of Elijah Cancer, who was shot and killed early Saturday morning on Teunis street.

"This individual was holding down two jobs and still finds the time to go to school, finding time to do safe passage, finding time to deal with his team,” says Jerome Brown of SNUG.

Cancer worked for SNUG, an anti-gun violence organization in Albany. He just won their Worker of the Year award. Police say someone shot him and another man while they were breaking up a fight.

"I don't even know if there's an individual that can fill that void,” Brown said.

Tonight, community members gave another plea for peace.

"No more, no more, enough is enough. No more Elijah Cancers,” Says Albany County Legislator Wanda Willingham.

Albany police say they'll need input from the public to crack down on these crimes.

"We need people to speak up, they need to call the police, and we need to get people off the streets who are trying to fire guns in our community,” says Officer Steve Smith of APD.

Police don’t believe any of this weekend’s shootings are connected, but if you have information, call police or submit an anonymous tip to Capitol Region Crime Stoppers. Their link is below.

There are three ways you can submit a tip.

You may call the Capital Region Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-(833)-ALB-TIPS, or submit a tip via this website by clicking "Submit a Tip" at the top of this webpage. You can also download the FREE application to your smart device or cellphone.

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