Four rescued from Gloversville fire

Bodycam video shows people being rescued from a fire in Gloversville.

GLOVERSVILLE -- Four people were pulled to safety early Friday morning by law enforcement as the home they were inside went up in flames in Gloversville. Officials say they got the call around 3:30 a.m., and they arrived to find the three residents and one other person inside in desperate need of help.

It was Gloversville officer Malinda Palmer who saw the flames on her patrol route - body camera footage shows Palmer running to the house and calling for backup.

Officials say she helped Jeremy Dake, 43, out of the house, before more officers came to the aid of his mother.

Body camera footage shows Gloversville Sgt. Robert Brown carrying Dianne Dunlop, 60, out of the downstairs apartment, to her son, outside.

"You okay hunny? I gotcha. I know it hurts," you can hear Brown saying in body camera footage.

Shortly after, fire crews arrived - that's when police say they told battalion Chief Brandt Minkler about two more people upstairs.

"I take those very seriously, when they tell me there's someone upstairs, we're making a push to search for life," Minkler said.

Minkler says he heard banging on the back door upstairs - he was able to get in to help Francis St. Andrew, 62 and Kathleen Cristiano, 32.

"Moved some things out of their way, took them by the arm and guided them to the front where I was able to hand them off to the police department," Minkler said.

"We all work as a team."

Police Chief Marc Porter says he couldn't be prouder of the collaboration between departments - and of his officers, all of whom haven't been with the department very long.

"Quick actions and doing what's expected of us to do while we're on patrol certainly helped to save lives in this situation," Porter said.

Investigators have ruled the cause of the fire accidental - "a misuse of electrical equipment" - and they say there were no working smoke detectors in either apartment of the house.

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