Four sisters among victims in deadly limo crash in Schoharie


CBS6 continues to learn more about the victims inside the limousine that crashed in Schoharie on Saturday, leaving 20 people dead.

18 of those victims were inside the limo - friends and family celebrating a birthday - four of them, sisters.

"You can't wrap your head around it, you just can't."

Barbara Douglas drove from Dannemora this morning, to the scene of Saturday's deadly crash - to lay flowers, and say a final goodbye to her four nieces.

"They were fun-loving, they were wonderful girls, they would do anything for you, they were very close to each other; they loved their family, they loved their parents," Douglas said.

Inside the limo were four sisters from Amsterdam: Mary Dyson and her husband Rob, Amy Steenburg and her husband Axel, another sister Allison, and Abigail Jackson and her husband Adam, who leave behind two young daughters. We're told they were all celebrating the youngest, Amy's, 30th birthday.

"They did the responsible thing, getting a limo, so they wouldn't have to drive anywhere," their aunt said.

One of the sisters, we're told, was a teacher at Amsterdam's Lynch Literacy Academy.

"That was my favorite teacher, I was always excited to go to school just to have her class."

Now a 10th grader, Isaac Davila says the whole community will feel the loss of his former reading teacher.

"I'm gonna miss her."

"It's one of the largest tragedies we've ever had to deal with."

Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara spent the day with residents of Amsterdam - a city he says is in mourning.

"This is devastating news that has sent shockwaves through the whole Amsterdam area and beyond," Santabarbara said.

He says a candlelight vigil is planned for Monday night on the south side of the Amsterdam pedestrian bridge - a way for the community to come together in this tragic time.

"We want to honor the lives of those that were lost in this tragic accident."

That vigil is set to start at 7 o'clock Monday night. Here's a list of the GoFundMe pages we've found in support of the victims and their families:

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