Glenville shooting range proposal draws criticism


GLENVILLE, N.Y. (WRGB) - "The sounds of gunfire do not belong in any child's neighborhood,” said Krista Hawke, a Glenville resident.

A shooting range proposal in Glenville has some residents fired up.

The planned location is a former landfill that sits about 200 feet from Bill Bolton's property line.

"Bullets travel 4 or 5 thousand feet,” Bolton said.

He’s leading the group of concerned citizens taking aim at the proposal.

Bolton says he and his wife moved onto their roughly 14 acres of property with the hope of owning horses, but says “horses and gunfire don't mix."

Some residents spoke at Wednesday’s town board meeting in favor of the range -- which would be used for police training.

"I want them to be safe. I want them to be able to practice. I want them to be able to train,” one man explained.

Town Supervisor Chris Koetzle says he's taking all concerns into consideration.

He postponed a vote on the proposal and told the crowd he's pursuing three options right now.

One, to continue with the current proposed site.

Two, to build an indoor shooting range, which he said is not really financially feasible, and explained that "there's also other things the chief indicated to me that he needs that would not be able to be achieved inside an indoor range.”

Or three, to look for an alternate site for the range.

But Bolton says if that's the case, he hopes no one else's property will be in the cross-hairs.

"I hope to heck they put it somewhere away from every other house."

The board is set to take up the proposal again mid-August.

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