Gloversville police investigating reports of contaminated candy


GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (WRGB) - "I don't know why somebody would want to hurt a small child. For what? What do you get out of that?" said Nicole Bronk.

Bronk says she found a needle in the middle of a candy bar her 11-year-old got while trick or treating last night.

She says it was in an Almond Joy, and Gloversville police now have the contaminated candy bar.

Bronk says the first time she checked Chloe's candy, she didn't notice anything suspicious.

"It seemed like everything was fine. Nothing really out of the ordinary," she said.

But then she says she started seeing posts on social media about contaminated candy in the neighborhood Chloe went trick or treating.

"So it made me instantly dump out her candy and I went through it a lot more," Bronk said.

That's when Bronk says she found the needle.

Gloversville police say they are investigating several similar claims all in the same area that Chloe was in, Kingsboro Avenue from 1st Avenue to 6th Avenue.

Bronk is warning other parents.

"Triple check their candy. Look at it once, two, three times, because I'd hate to see on the news that a child actually did get harmed," she said.

Bronk says she threw out all of the candy that Chloe went door-to-door for.

But a local ice cream man is offering an alternative.

Sno Kone Joe is giving out free frozen treats to any child that was affected by this Halloween scare.

"Somebody was out there trying to hurt these kids on a night when they're out in their costumes having fun, and I thought of these kids having nothing, and I have a lot of ice cream left, and I figured what a better way to get rid of it then to give it to these kids that lost out on an experience?" said Joshua Malatino.

Chloe says the trade off worked in her favor. She says her bag of ice cream is "a lot heavier than when I went out trick or treating!"

Gloversville police are encouraging parents to check all of their children's candy and if they find anything, contact their department.

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