'Graffiti Busters' tackling something strange in the neighborhood: Recurring vandalism

TROY -- If there's something weird and it don't look good, the Graffiti Busters are showing up to help in Troy. Andrea Daley heads up the Neighborhood Watch near her home.

“I just want to see the area cleaned up,” Daley said.

Daley is worried that the spike in graffiti vandalism Troy Police officers have been seeing will hurt all the efforts being made to revitalize the hometown of Uncle Sam. She says once graffiti is cleaned up, many residents are finding it pops again later.

“Some of it's gang-related and some is vandalism young kids,” Daley said.

Armed with a special kit, the Graffiti Busters are helping residents wash off the scribbles that keep on creeping onto homes and businesses when no one's looking. The team does a free consultation, determining the best way to remove the graffiti, and shows them where to buy the proper tools. The supplies were purchased with grant money from the Troy City Council. There to help the community crime watchers, Community Service Officer David Buckley.

“It’s one thing to know it’s an issue and it’s another thing to take the time to try and solve it that’s what we’ve done here,” Buckley said.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden is now calling on all other community heroes.

“We need the other neighborhood groups to be as engaged as this neighborhood group,” Madden said.

To get involved in the clean-up or to report graffiti in Troy, contact:

David Buckley

Community Service Officer


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