Granting a local child's holiday wish after it goes viral


A written plea for help over the holidays has gone viral - and the community is rushing to help the little boy who wrote the note. A ten-year-old requested not gifts, but for snacks for school.

"When I saw that post and my wife and I saw that on Facebook that somebody saw that on Facebook and they don't have a snack," says Steve Lezinski of Schenectady.

The note is in a basket full of wishes, displayed at a local pizza shop, that the "Things of my Very Own” organization collects every year. The Schenectady group helps those affected by abuse get back on their feet.

Each note has its own holiday story - asking not for a gift, but a need.

"My kids go to school with snack every day, and I guess you kind of take for granted when you're afforded that opportunity every day,” Lezinski said.

This particular note went viral, and Heidi Marie Schilling got to it first.

"This little boy was hungry and this boy shouldn't go out without a basic necessity of food. When I saw this young boy looking for Pokemon and food and clothes. Simple clothes. I knew this would have to be the young boy that we helped," Schilling said.

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