Greene County Jail deteriorates, to the point of closure.


CATSKILL, NY (WRGB) One of the oldest jails in the state has closed due to crumbling conditions.

The Greene County Sheriff made the decision Friday to move the inmates to other facilities.

Now they have to decide whether to repair the jail, or continue transporting inmates while they wait for a new one to be built.

The cells are empty and the jail closed.

Lieutenant Dan Rubino gives us a tour of the Greene County jail after Sheriff Greg Seeley transferred all of the 54 inmates to wither Columbia or Ulster county facilities.

We start in a storage room.

“It’s a supporting wall but it’s cracked right through to the other side, said Rubino.

He takes us around to see.

“Same wall crack and you can see the light from the other room through the wall.”

This is a rusted furnace pipe.

There’s mold and the ceiling is crumbling.

Rubino describes a spot under a shower.

“The floor started to collapse and we had to put in three columns to hold it up, some steel plates and some high beams,” said the Lieutenant.

We also see where the back wall is failing.

The newer part of the jail was closed a year ago because of a leaks in the ceiling.

Sheriff Greg Seeley said he wants legislators to finally approve plans on a new jail.

He says he is adamantly opposed to the idea of sharing a jail with Columbia County.

He says an engineer is coming in,and by Friday they’ll decide whether to shut down or make repairs.

In the meantime , they are still processing inmates, they just have to transfer them from Catskill court to other counties.

Also, all officers are expected to keep their jobs through this shut down.

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