Guilderland man sentenced for UAlbany dorm rape

Guilderland man sentenced for UAlbany dorm rape

ALBANY (WRGB) – Franklin Casatelli, 26 of Guilderland, was sentenced Monday in Albany County Court.

In December he was found guilty of 1st Degree Rape and 2nd Degree Burglary in December for breaking into a UAlbany dorm room, and sexually assaulting a woman in her sleep. Casatelli was not a student at the time.

Casatelli was sentenced to 22 years in prison and 25 years of post-release supervision for the Rape charge, and 15 years in prison followed by 10 years post-release supervision for the Burglary charge. The sentences will run consecutively.

Casatelli served time in state prison for a drug-related conviction. He had been paroled 10 days before the dorm room incident. He was sentenced as a second-felony offender.

In court Monday, the prosecution said Casatelli’s actions were a “methodical plan”. She said the victim was the epitome of a survivor because she woke up to the frightening situation, was able to remove Casatelli from her, and survive the incident.

The victim did not speak in court, but her sister read a powerful statement. She said this world is a better and safer place because Casatelli has been removed from society.

“You took away my sister's choice, the choice over her own body, and the apathy that you have shown is disgraceful.” The victim’s sister said. “What you have done will not define her, she is a strong and amazing woman and an infinitely better person than you'll ever be. But this crime you have been found guilty of does define you, you will spend the best years of your life sitting in a cell while a world of opportunity passes you by.”

Casatelli chose not to say anything in court.

Orders of protection were issued for the victim, her roommate, and two other women.

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