Health concerns raised over Halloween costumes

Health concerns raised over Halloween costumes (WRGB)

COLONIE, NY (WRGB)---They look terrifying on the outside, but what's inside may be scarier.

Health officials say contagious creepy crawlers like lice can be lurking in masks and wigs.

Especially this time of year when who knows how many heads they've been on.

But doctors say there's no need to avoid these products, because the risk is low.

"It's probably small, I mean these creatures that we talk about really don't live very long outside the skin or outside the scalp," said Dr. James Saperstone.

Dr. Saperstone gives tips to stay on the safe side.

"They can put the wig that they buy in a plastic bag for a day or two which would kill it or they can throw it into the dryer."

And many costume shops prohibit trying on wigs and head pieces in store for sanitary purposes.

One more tip - if you want to see how a wig looks outside of the bag before buying, you can always ask a store associate to display it for you on a mannequin.

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