Home delivery of marijuana one step closer in Massachusetts


    Home delivery of marijuana is one step closer in Massachusetts, along with so-called “cannabis cafes,” where people can smoke in a communal setting.

    The Public Safety and Community Mitigation Subcommittee made several recommendations in Boston Wednesday.

    “My concern about not allowing delivery is that it’s going to leave a big gap in the market that is going to be filled with illegal operators, which robs the state of the opportunity, hurting the tax revenue that could go back into the community for public safety and prevention,” one subcommittee member said.

    If approved, Massachusetts could join a handful of states allowing home pot delivery, and become one of the first to allow social consumption at places like bars or cafes that would be 21 and older.

    “It’s better than having to go out and get it from someone you don’t know,” said Kaitlin Caseley, of Wareham. “It’s safer.”

    But police and other officials are raising concerns.

    “You don’t know who is ordering it and where you’re going,” said Walpole Police Chief John Carmichael, who is also a member of the Public Safety and Community Mitigation Subcommittee. “People are going to get robbed.”

    Kate Walden, a spokesperson for PharmaCann, the company that owns Verilife in Wareham, said many medicinal marijuana patients already opt for home delivery.

    “It’s really about convenience,” Walden told NBC 10 News Tuesday. “Some of our patients can live as much as an hour drive each way to get back and forth.”

    The panel also recommended temporary marijuana licenses, like temporary liquor licenses, at events where pot would be sold or consumed.

    “It’s good and bad,” said Evan Hartel, also of Wareham. “All people care about is just marijuana.”

    Some residents wonder how far the options will go.

    “Before you know it, they’ll have Uber bring it,” said Gregory DuPont, of Wareham. “Instead of UberEats bringing you McDonalds, they’ll be having UberSmokes.”

    The State’s Cannabis Control Commission has the final say of approval.

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