Hoosick Falls residents demand answers from Senate lawmakers

Hoosick Falls residents demand answers from Senate lawmakers (WRGB)

ALBANY, NY (WRGB)--"If there is no smoking gun, if there is no problem, then why not just release the documents?," said State Sen. Brad Hoylman.

Hoylman is asking the same question residents of Hoosick Falls want answered.

For weeks, they've been requesting to see documents subpoenaed by the Senate Health Committee from Saint Gobain and Honeywell. Last week, residents sent a formal letter asking to see them - Senator Kemp Hannon, the committee chair, says he hasn't gotten it.

"I don't have a letter from any specific residents," said Hannon.

But residents gave us photos of the letter sent by email to his office. Still, Hannon says those that needed to see the documents, have already done so.

"The people who have legitimate interest in those documents have been offered them. Period."

Hannon also said Hoosick Falls attorneys have everything the Senate has - and then declined further questions. But Hoylman has read the documents, and he says residents whose life and health are at stake - deserve to see them too.

"We should be providing them every encouragement to understand what has happened in this very complicated situation. Releasing these documents, I think, is part of that effort," said Hoylman.

Hoylman says Senate leaders claim the documents hold confidential information.

"Maybe some trade secrets. I myself though have reviewed those documents, I'm an attorney, and I can tell you in my opinion they should be released to the public. Really, at the end of the day, who are we protecting here? The public or the corporations? I really urge the Senate leadership to take the letter from Hoosick Falls residents seriously," he said.

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