Hoosick train derailment causing safety concerns

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HOOSICK, N.Y. (WRGB) - "If a tanker truck was to explode, there wouldn't be much left," said George Dennis.

Dennis says he doesn't know if his house would still be standing.

He lives along the railroad tracks about a half mile away from where 5 train cars derailed in Hoosick Wednesday, including three propane tankers.

Officials say there were no injuries and no leaks, but Dennis says it could have turned catastrophic in an instant.

"All it takes is one derailment, you know, one switch to be out of place," he said.

And the retired firefighter is upset at what he says was a lack of notification from officials when the derailment happened.

Four homes were evacuated in the area, but Dennis says others didn't know if they were safe or not.

He says in the future, residents should receive reverse 911 calls.

"Why can't they set up a system where you have an automated system where it dials everybody in that area and says, you know look, at this time we are dealing with it but if it gets any worse we will call you back," Dennis said.

Beyond homes, Dennis also says state and local officials should look at what else is along the tracks.

There's a transformer plant and a sewage treatment facility that Dennis says could be dangerous in the event of a derailment.

"You mix all of those things together, chlorine, electric, propane, explosion, you know, are we opening up Pandora's box?" Dennis said.

Officials say they are making good progress and hope to have the propane tankers all removed from the area by tomorrow.

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