Hudson Falls pushes back against proposed needle exchange facility


HUDSON FALLS -- Hudson Falls pushes back against plans to bring a needle exchange facility to Main Street.

Last Thursday, dozens of people protested a nonprofit group's proposal to open a new office on Main Street, with a syringe exchange department.

The Alliance for POSITIVE health is looking to add a new location at the corner of main and maple. Regional director Diana Aguglia says the location won't just be for syringe exchanges. She says they just need a larger space to hold thier staff.

"When we identified it for our cure management program, we determined we might be able to use a small amount of space in that office for syringe exchange."

While it is only one of several sites being proposed, Deputy Mayor Robert Cook says the location here in downtown could be too close to children.

"You don't locate something like this where its going to have a negative impact on children and on the business community," Cook said.

Cook says that location wouldn't be in line with health department guidelines that state needle exchanges can't be in areas where children are nearby.

"There are children living in the very building where they want to put the syringe exchange."

"We had looked at where there were schools nearby and they were far enough away as far as the health department standards are concerned."

The Health Department could not confirm to us whether they approved the Main Street site. Cook says he may go as high as the attorney general's office to stop the project.

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