Iconic hotel recovers after recent flooding that forced its closure.


"It's like coming home."

Longtime Gideon Putnam guests Madaleine And Glenn Cole were the first to check in to the newly reopened hotel on Tuesday.

"I can't wait to see what the changes are, can't wait."

Changes - and repairs.

An aging pipe that broke in January flooded the hotel's basement. It was only John Howard's first day as the hotel's new general manager.

"That's when I got a call on Monday morning saying hey we have a little bit of a leak down in the basement..."

That leak was 275,000 gallons and 11 feet high in the basement. On Tuesday, hotel management showed off the fixes.

"All this switchgear is new."

New electric and gas, all that was destroyed under water. New boilers, hot water heaters, fire panels and an updated chimney, as well.

"It took a lot of time to get the infrastructure rebuilt."

Paul Jeppson is the Regional Vice President for the hotel's management company, Delaware North. He says the building's age was a challenge.

"It's a historic structure, there are only limited access points, you can't manufacture or put holes in the walls."

At the time of the closure, 70 of the hotel's 90 employees were temporarily laid off. General Manager, Howard, says they're excited to be back in business after a long repair process.

"Everybody got on board and just worked like the Dickens for two months, getting everything ready," he said. "Delaware north pumped a lot of money into stuff that was not flood related."

Newly renovated guest rooms, additions to the restaurant, fresh paint, modern signage - but also keeping some old charm.

"This way finder sign is from the original building in 1935," a manager showed CBS6.

All things that management hopes come off as exciting and new, but also familiar and welcoming, like home.

"The goal here is to make Saratoga proud of the Gideon Putnam," Howard said.

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