Increased police presence follows fourth homicide of the year in Albany

Wednesday there was an increased police presence in Albany following Tuesday night's fatal shooting on Livingston Avenue.

Police say the victim was 20-year-old Equan Fallen of Albany.

It’s the fourth homicide of the year in Albany.

Police say there have no arrests, however there is a cash reward if you have information on the shooting. You can leave an anonymous tip online at

“If we don’t take care of the hotspots we are going to continue to have shootings, people are going to die in our streets and they’re going to die in some of the same locations, said Pastor Charlie Muller of Victory Church.

Muller also runs several programs to help children in the region. He says he is resuming his gun take-back program in two weeks, and it will be continue on Saturdays through the end of August.

“It’s just more than saying how can we fix it now. We need to start at the root and say let’s start really making a difference with our kids. Let’s have events in the community,” said Muller.

Also working to bring resources is the African American Cultural Center on South Pearl. Travon Jackson is the executive director.

“Ultimately you have to find the space to nurture the youth, the children who become the people going through these tragedies,” said Jackson.

He says that's why the center offers free workshops, training, dance and art classes, even free art supplies.

The center is building an outdoor space that will have a turtle sanctuary with a waterfall, as well as a stage.

The AACC is getting ready for the Juneteenth celebration Saturday, June 16th and says the outdoor area will be ready.

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