'It would've gone through his chest': Arrow pierces windshield, nearly striking driver

This arrow pierced the Jeep's windshield while a Schodack man was driving on Route 9J.

SCHODACK -- Police say a Schodack man is lucky to be alive after a hunting arrow came crashing into his front windshield, missing his chest by just a matter of inches.

We spoke to the man’s wife Tricia, who is expecting her first child with her husband in just a few months.

“It was a very loud noise, he didn’t even know what happened. He just pulled over and saw the arrow, and then he called 911,” Tricia said.

The hunting arrow seemed to come out of nowhere. Tricia was following her husband Tom after running some errands. They were driving south on NY-9J just north of Castleton Village Monday around 5 p.m. when it happened.

The arrow flew under one of the windshield wipers and pierced the glass right in front of the steering wheel.

“I was just so thankful it wasn't a half an inch higher because it would've gone through his chest,” Tricia said.

The only thing stopping the arrow from striking Tricia's husband, a little bumper on the dashboard. Such a close call, Tricia says even the first responders suggested this was divine intervention.

“One of the cops asked my husband if he was a religious man, and my husband said funny you ask because we just became members of our church last Sunday,” Tricia said.

Schodack Police Chief Joseph Belardo says officers canvassed the area, searching the road, nearby railroad tracks, visiting homes, and even searching the woods, but didn't find anyone with a bow and arrow.

“Those are very dangerous weapons and you need to treat it that way,” Belardo said.

Authorities are testing the arrow to see if there's any DNA evidence on it, but right now police have no idea where it came from.

“There’s no indication this was done intentionally,” Belardo said.

Belardo says it's not hunting season, but it is common for folks to target shoot in this area. Accident or not, he wants answers.

“We're hoping the public may come forward with information they might have,” Belardo said.

Police say Tricia's husband reported seeing a silver car headed north on 9J with the hood popped open around the time the arrow was shot.

They're hoping that driver may have information that could help their case.

Belardo says if this was a total accident, the shooter likely would not face charges.

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