Item used in Las Vegas shooting is illegal in New York

Item used in Las Vegas shooting is illegal in New York (WRGB)

ALBANY, NY (WRGB)---Law enforcement officials in Las Vegas have revealed that a bump fire stock was found on some of the guns in the shooter's hotel room.

"There were twelve bump fire stocks identified on the firearms in the hotel room," said Jill Snyder, Special Agent with ATF.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said Wednesday that a bump stock is an attachment that allows a gun to fire faster.

"It will fire, probably not as fast as a fully automatic, but just as fast as you can pull that trigger because this thing is working off its own pressure," he said.

Sheriff Apple said that bump stocks are not legal in New York State.

"It is illegal. We've never had any dealings with them around here," he said.

The Sheriff said that his department will continue to prepare to respond to violent events.

"We practice hard to make sure the residents in this county know that we have their backs as well," said Sheriff Apple.

Craig Serafini is the owner of Upstate Guns and Ammo in Schenectady. Because bump stocks are not legal in New York, they are not sold in his store.

"I don't think they were ever a huge seller. They were something that was almost a novelty in the industry," he said.

CBS6 News did ask how they are used in other states where they are legal.

"People who are using it for a sporting purpose on the range, different types of training," he said.

Wednesday, California Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein introduced legislation to ban the sale of bump stocks nationwide, saying that the device allows a legal firearm to act like a banned automatic weapon.

"There is no reason to make a semiautomatic weapon into a fully automatic battle field weapon," she said.

Serafini said he thinks the focus needs to be on mental health.

"This was not the act of a sane man and regardless of the tool he used to do this, he was sick," he said.

The ATF said that while bump stocks simulate automatic fire, they do not alter the firearm to fire automatically. That is why they are legal under Federal law.

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