Capital Region couples prove true love stands the test of time


    CAPITAL REGION (WRGB) - Sometimes true love stands the test of time; and this Valentine’s Day CBS6 highlights two local couples who prove it.

    John and Aimee Walsh married in 2016 but their first date was 24 years ago! They met in 1995 when Aimee was working at Happy Clown Ice Cream in Bells Pond.

    “I’d just got my license and was looking for an excuse of somewhere to go,” John says. “Everybody loves ice cream to I went and got ice cream every night and there she was.”

    When it was time to go to college John and Aimee went their separate ways. Aimee to Rochester and John to Vermont. In the meantime, Aimee got married, divorced, and had two kids. Years later, they reconnected on Facebook.

    “I couldn’t believe it was him,” she says. “He drove out to see me on my birthday and we went out to dinner. There were butterflies just like back in high school. And that was it. We were inseparable.”

    Miles away across the Capital Region in Colonie, Kyrie Berkery and Christopher Morreale are planning a 2020 wedding. They already have a family of five – Kyrie laughs when she says they did things ‘backwards.’

    “He has a daughter from a previous relationship and I have two from my previous relationship. And then we have two boys together,” she says.

    Kyrie and Chris met at the Recovery Room in Troy in 2011; she was a waitress and he was kitchen manager. She met him her first day at work.

    “Six months went by and we had no interaction from that first days,” she says.

    During that time Kyrie was going through a divorce. Through a mutual friend, the she and Chris began hanging out frequently and realized how much they had in common.

    “Once we started talking more it just clicked,” Chris says. “I knew right away, the moment we kissed, that I wanted to be with her.”

    But the relationship hit a speed bump in 2013 when they separated. For the sake of her children, Kyrie chose to give her ex-husband a second chance to change things and work on being sober. It didn’t work out – but Chris knew why she had to try. They reconciled and have been together ever since.

    “I think we learned a lot from that time apart,” Kyrie reflects. “If we can have that time apart and come back together and have things be better? Then it really is meant to be.”

    A study by California State University says of 4,000 couples studied who found their way back to each other, 72-percent stayed together. If they went back to the *first* love they ever had, the rate was even higher. 78-percent.

    Love can move at breakneck speeds – but these two stories show love can also move very slow. Aimee says she always knew John was her soulmate and was thinking about him as she was marrying her ex-husband.

    “I swore to my bridesmaids he (John) was going to come through the door of the church and be like, ‘I object!’ I was thinking about him the entire time walking down the aisle.”

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