Judge: Pit bull that attacked mother & 8 year old to be put down

In court, Tirado agreed to have the dog destroyed.

AMSTERDAM, NY (WRGB) AMSTERDAM, NY (WRGB) A judge has ruled that the dog that severly injured an 8 year old boy and his mother will be put down.

Tirado was in court on Thursday.

Tirado's pet pit bull attacked her 8-year-old son in their backyard. The dog ripped the skin from the boy's throat. As Tirado tried to save her son, the dog reportedly bit her shoulder and bit off part of her pinky finger.

It was decided that the dog was to stay in quarentine for 10 days until a deceison was to be made about the fate of the dog.

She was charged earlier this week with one count of possessing a dangerous dog.

In court, Tirado agreed to have the dog put down.

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