Lamborghini sells for $98K at State auction of surplus cars

Lamborghini sells for $98K at State auction of surplus cars

Without getting to even test it out, eager buyers lined up a parking lot at the NY office of General Services in Albany to pay big bucks for a state-seized 2007 Lamborghini that only has around 6 thousand miles on it

"We are taking a chance on it, with a vehicle like this, it has low mileage. We're betting the odds that it's in good shape mechanically,” says Matthew Pictrowski of Pittsfield.

The Lamborghini sold for just under $100,000 and proceeds from that sale go towards the Medicaid Fraud unit of the Attorney General's office.

The car ended up in the state's hands after the Attorney General seized it during a Medicaid fraud case in 2013. Bidding started at $50,000, and $98,000 dollars later, it has a new owner: Mark Carota of Clifton Park.

"It's a Lamborghini, that's all I need to know,” Carota says.

Carota says he is a car collector, he goes to auction all the time, and this is a bargain compared to what he usually pays

"I'll never drive it. I can't even fit in it,” Carota says.

He owns Marks Automotive Shop in Clifton park. But he doesn't have any plans to sell the car.

"Not right away anyways. Unless somebody wants to make a big offer on it,” Carota says.

The other big sellers were a BMW and Porsche. The BMW sold for around 30,000 dollars. The Porsche sold for around $46,000. Proceeds from those cars will go to the DMV. The rest of cars sold at the auction will go towards the state's general fund.

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