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Landscapers surprised to be mowing, not plowing

Landscapers surprised to be mowing, not plowing
Landscapers surprised to be mowing, not plowing
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SCOTIA (WRGB) "From one extreme to the other. Just a couple of weeks ago, our lawns covered in snow. Now, so warm that the grass is growing like it's summer."

"Normally this time of year, we're getting the snow plows out, the salters ready."

That's Jim Hale, Owner of Adirondack Landscaping based out of Scotia.

And this is the result of sunshine and highs near 70 for almost a week now.

"One of my biggest customers, Hill and Marks, just called and said could you please get one more cutting in. They said the grass looks like it's July up there."

Hale's phone has been ringing non-stop from clients he figured by now wouldn't see until the spring- especially with the growing season declared over, and the area blanketed in snow a day before Halloween.

"I actually got snowplows out a week and a half ago to start getting them out of storage, but that went by the wayside with the weather turned."

Now his biggest challenge? Keeping up with clients. He's even resorted to putting out help wanted ads, but to his surprise, they haven't garnered much interest.

"I don't know why people don't want jobs. I'd hire the first 5 people who walked through the door all summer long and nobody ever came around."

Hale and other landscapers look to get a break from the mowing later this week as temperatures drop to normal levels again.

How long that will last remains to be seen.

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After all, it "is" 2020.

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