Law enforcement officers hailed as heroes for fire rescue in Mayfield


They didn't have any firefighting gear, but they didn't hesitate going into this trailer on Nine Mile Tree Toad after it exploded around 9 a.m.

Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino says Troopers Ronald Dacre and Russ Denie and Fulton County Corporal Robert Furman helped save an elderly woman's life.

Chris Mraz, Mayfield fire chief, said, "It's not recommended, but you know in a life safety and things like that, they choose themselves to enter and see what they can do."

Now the three of them are being hailed as heroes.

"We commend them for that."

But there it was still a fickle fire that took 30-45 minutes to knock down.Chief Mraz says once they knew all the people got out, they were cautious before going in themselves.

"You don't know what's in there exploding, it could be accelerants, and canisters."

For now, foul play isn't suspected, but fire marshals investigators are looking for how it started near the porch area. Chief Mraz says the rest of the house has severe water damage. There were four dogs inside, and only three of them are accounted for.

The firefighters are still looking for a cause, but Sheriff Giardino posted on the Fulton County Sheriff's Office Facebook page that he commends the officers' actions, especially since this happened just a few days after National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

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