Lawmakers, gun safety advocates push for protective legislation

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"This bill is critically important because it will save lives."

Members of the Assembly and the Senate gathered on Wednesday to talk about an epidemic that they say continues to affect far too many New Yorkers.

"We have to come up with new ways to stem gun violence," Senator Brad Hoylman said.

These legislators - backed by a number of statewide gun safety groups including Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety - pushed protective legislation at the state Capitol on Wednesday.

"The extreme risk protection order is really an early warning detection device," Hoylman said.

"In far too many cases of gun violence, from mass shootings to interpersonal violence to suicide, a shooter's family or local police see warning signs before a shooting occurs," Senator Brian Kavanagh said.

This legislation, Kavanagh says, will give family members or law enforcement the ability to seek a court order suspending that person's right to access guns if they see those warning signs Kavanagh speaks of.

"This is a potential option that I could take or my family could take on my behalf."

Lisa Good is a domestic violence survivor.

"Having my life threatened with a gun and being terrified that if I left and even after I did leave that my son and I would be killed," Good said.

She says she sees the benefits in this legislation for people who encounter the same violence she once did - knowing that firearms are readily available to abusers who can use them for great harm.

"Even if I was disempowered as a victim, a family member or concerned friend could go and petition a court and say listen, there's some real harm here."

We reached to the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association and the President there told us he believes this is just another way to limit 2nd ammendment rights - he says legislation like this already exists and stated, "we're heading down the slippery slope of redundant legislation that will make all actions criminal and ensure that the lawful gun owner of new york state will no longer be able to possess a firearm."

The coalition's main goal is to have this bill pass in the senate this session.

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