Live burn demonstration to show effectiveness of home sprinkler system

Courtesy of NYS Association of Fire Chiefs

TROY (WRGB) - The New York State Association of Fire Chiefs, the Troy Fire Department, and the Rensselaer Education Center will host a live burn demonstration Thursday morning.

The purpose is to demonstrate how a sprinkler system can help fight fires in your home. This fire safety demonstration is part of Fire Prevention Week.

The students at Questar III BOCES built two simulation "pods" that look like a family's living room. During the demonstration they will be set on fire.

In one pod, there is no sprinkler system. Observers will see how quickly the fire spreads. The room will quickly reach a temperature that causes flashover, or spontaneous combustion, of all the objects in the room. The second pod does have a sprinkler system. Observers will notice the fire doesn't spread as quickly, which allows residents time to get out, and makes it easier for fire fighters to manage.

The Association of Fire Chiefs says this is an important lesson about fire codes, fire safety, and home sprinkler systems.

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