Local Berkshire Doctor manufactures cold remedy and prevention supplement


For everyone either suffering a cold, or trying to prevent one, Dr. Alan Inglis of Great Barrington has some tips for you.

He says taking vitamins C, A, D as well as calcium and zink. He also says the usual washing your hands as often as possible helps, as does getting significant rest.

The sleep part can be a challenge during the busy holiday season, but carrying around all of your vitamins doesn't have to be anymore.

Dr. Alan Inglis & Andrew Blechman, of Great Barrington Mass., are the founders/creators of Dr. Schnuffie's Wellness Formulas.

Dr. Inglis is Blechman's doctor. Blechman says Dr. Inglis would write down supplements for him to take. However, he says they were expensive to buy separately, and difficult to bring it all when he traveled to Germany to see his daughter.

So he went to Dr. Inglis to help design cold prevention & cold remedy regime of vitamins, minerals & herbal extracts to keep him healthy and prevent colds. The formula worked so well that they decided to manufacture it in pill form.

Blechman's nickname for his daughter is Schnuffie (which is a made up German sounding word) and so they named the company after her.

The local product is available in stores and on line. Dr. Schnuffie's would like you to support your local economy and look for their products at Niskayuna Co-Op, Honest Weight Food Co-op, WildOats Market, Guidos Fresh Marketplace, Berkshire Co-op Market, Lenox Village Integrative Pharmacy and Elm Street Market in Stockbridge, Brattleboro and Putney.

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