Guilderland grad finishes Syrian family documentary

GUILDERLAND, NY (WRGB)--A Guilderland High sShool graduate just wrapped up filming on a documentary on a family fleeing Syria.

Amanda Baily's new film, "8 Borders, 8 Days," follows a single mother and her two children who applied for a visa to move to the United States.

they never heard back after a year and a half, so the mother made the decision to flee to Europe with smugglers.

Baily spoke with spoke to CBS6 from Lebanon via Skype.

"The reason she wanted to come to America was because it was the place she believed she could be the most self sufficient, the most independent, and really build a life for her family. I know that she's disappointed not to have been able to make it to america, but she's not giving up hope forever," she said.

President Trump said his executive order is designed to keep what he called bad dudes with bad intentions out of the country, but Baily says the order hurts the wrong people.

"When we close our doors, it's primarily women and children that are affected. It's children dying to be in school and parents that wake up every day trying to figure out how to get their kids in school,: she said.

Baily will host a special screening of the film in the Capital Region next month at the Madison Theater in Albany.

Baily said she hopes to have a meaningful discussion to figure out what we can do to help refugees here at home.

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