New York limo company supports Governor Cuomo's push for safety regulations

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ROCHESTER, NY (WHAM) -- Irondequoit's Desiree Gonzalez is counting down the days to a family member's summer wedding. Limos will be part of the big day - and she admits, that makes her nervous.

“I will probably stay in my seat," she says. "Not move around often, have my seat belt on as we’re moving around because it is scary and you don’t know what can happen.”

She, like so many, says she was shocked by the crash in Schoharie last October.

“You think about when you were in a limo, and what if that were you," she says. "It’s pretty scary.”

Twenty people died after a converted SUV limo drove through a stop sign and crashed. Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing for safety reforms, including an outright ban on re-manufactured limos.

“It affected all of us," says William Drew, the owner of Excel Limousine in Spencerport. He says he was stunned when he heard about the crash and believes it should have been avoided.

“You do your due diligence, and you’ll have a good business," says Drew. "You don’t, and this is what happens.”

He says he once used similar style stretch limos, but took them off the road over a decade ago.

“They would never pass inspection by today’s standards; that’s why we went to the buses," he says. “Honestly, if you have one still, it’s pretty dated.”

Cuomo's proposal also includes penalties for tampering with DOT inspection stickers and enforcing passengers to wear seat belts. Drew says he supports any regulations that keep people safe - including the removal of those kinds of limos.

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