Local pastors offer “Ashes To Go” for Ash Wednesday

Local pastors offer “Ashes To Go” for Ash Wednesday

SCHENECTADY (WRGB) – Two local pastors brought Ash Wednesday services to the people, and offered “ashes to go” in downtown Schenectady.

"Interested in ashes today for Ash Wednesday?" Reverend Dustin Wright asked people passing by on the Jay Street Pedestrian Mall.

Reverend Wright of Messiah Lutheran Church in Rotterdam and Pastor Deron Milleville of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Glenville teamed up between 7:30am and 11:00am.

They say they understand it can be difficult to make it to Ash Wednesday services. Instead they caught people heading to work, and offered a brief prayer. People who stopped to celebrate say the accessibility and convenience was nice, but it was also nice to share a prayer, and share the tradition with the community.

The Pastors say their goal was to get out into the community and share the faithful tradition.

“It's a reminder that our life is fragile and short, and it's a tradition that reconnects us back to Lent and hopefully reconnects us back to God a little bit.” Pastor Milleville said.

“I’m hoping that it helps people see that the church isn't just between or in our four walls, but is out in our community,” Reverend Wright said. “Ministering the folks, just being present with folks, and hopefully strengthening the community a bit.”

Both pastors say their churches will also offer traditional Ash Wednesday services at 7:00pm.

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