Local Saratoga Springs restaurant to feature local artist's work

SARATOGA SPRINGS - To celebrate a 20 year history within Saratoga Springs, a local artist is painting a mural.

Dana Owens, a local cartoonist, creator of a local web-comic sensation "Smallbany", will host live painting sessions on Esperanto's Facebook Page.

Esperanto, known for its creation, to Doughboy at 4 Caroline Street. celebrated its 20 year anniversary last fall.

"We just love being a part of this community, seeing smiling faces for lunch, dinner, or a 3am snack. It's the magic of Caroline Street. Dana, being a local artist, creating a mural on our walls just makes sense. It fits right in with what's going on here," said Will Pouch, owner of Esperanto.

"I am very happy to have original art in Esperanto," said Owens. "It's been a staple on Caroline Street and in Saratoga nightlife for over 20 years and I am honored to be a part of their anniversary."

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