Local volunteers flying to California to lend a hand amid wildfires


CAPITAL REGION -- These four Red Cross volunteers didn't get much notice before being sent out to Burbank California to lend an extra set of hands with wildfires aren't under control just yet.

Group leader Ronald Schoonmaker says he got a call from his director just yesterday morning.

"couldn't have been Two hours later, my phone rang again, and i said yes, he goes, pack your bags, we're going."

Schoonmaker says already had his mind made up.

"It's inside me that I just can't sit at home and do nothing When they're suffering the way they are."

Gail Butler says she's helped with disaster relief before, and dealing with this kind of devastation never gets easier.

"It doesn't seem real, it seems like a warzone or something."

Their initial plan is to assist with finding shelters for anyone displaced from their homes.

But they're ready for anything, and are willing to go where they're asked...

And they all have a common goal.

"I just wanna help people and enlighten their day a bit and make them feel that people care."

"Hopefully I come back and say my being there was worth it."

The group ls expected to land in Burbank California by around 9 tonight. Their full trip should last about two weeks.

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