Magic Forest to have a second life with new ownership

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LAKE GEORGE, NY (WRGB) - Since 1963 Magic Forest has been a tourist destination for those visiting Lake George.

Now it is soon to be under new ownership, and the soon to be new owners on Tuesday have announced the opening of Lake George Expedition Park. The 46 acre park will soon have phased in attractions over the next several years, including "Dino Roar Valley."

Officials say the experience will send visitors to a "prehistoric time" where they can dig for fossil, climb into a dinosaur nest, and enjoy other prehistoric activities.

“Since 1963, my family has enjoyed seeing the smiling faces of children and their families,” said Jack Gillette. “I’m happy to see the property continue under new ownership and I look forward to seeing future generations enjoy these new attractions at the expedition park.”

Ruben Ellsworth of Lake George, NY and owner of Ellsworth & Son Excavating, is in the process of completing the purchase of the Magic Forest amusement park from Jack Gillette, who owned and operated the park for 55 years.

John Collins, a former manager for Great Escape and consultant for Santa's Workshop in Wilmington will act as COO and General Manager for the Lake George Expedition Park.

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