Malta man sentenced for raping children and using child porn to silence victims

Malta man sentenced for rape, other crimes against children

SARATOGA COUNTY, NY (WRGB) Victims of a convicted child rapist from Saratoga County spoke out in court today against their abuser as he was sentenced to spend up to life in prison.

31-year-old Marshall Gaudet was indicted on 55 counts and pleaded guilty to charges he raped and sexually assaulted several teens and young children for years, and created child pornography of some of the assaults.

Some of the victims, he lured on online.

Saratoga County Court Judge Hon. James Murphy gave details about the case before the sentencing.

“To catfish a naive 13-yr-old girl pretending to be a guy named Josh Rivers a teenage boy, ultimately that poor victim has to suffer you raping her by putting a pillow over her head while she screams and cries that she wants to go home,” Murphy said.

The judge said the list of offenses against Gaudet are the worst he's heard in his almost 30 year career.

The former volunteer firefighter pleaded guilty in October to sexually assaulting several children and teenagers, using recordings of the sexual encounters as blackmail to keep his victims silent, and storing more than 20,000 images of child pornography in a storage unit.

Wednesday before the courtroom one of his victims read a statement to the court.

“You are not a human you’re a monster,” the teen victim said.

The prosecuting attorney read three other victim statements, two from teen victims.

“I was 16 years old when, I was raped my Marshall Gaudet. I was begging and pleading for him to stop, he left me left feeling disgusted and scared,” the statement read.

In another statement a teen victim wrote:

“I’m even embarrassed to tell my counselor what you did to me.”

This statement came from the mother of the youngest victim.

“It takes a real monster to harm an innocent and defenseless child,” the mother wrote.

Judge Murphy said Gaudet raped the girl from the time she was one and half years old until the time she was four.

“The tiniest victim of all the little hear her on the tape.. you saying stop crying as you rape her,” Murphy said.

The judge sentenced Gaudet to 25 years to life in prison, but said Gaudet should never be allowed parole.

“You should finish your life sentence, and if there’s any life left in you, you should be civilly confined,” Murphy said.

Gaudet was given the opportunity to address his victims, but declined. The judge said that proved Gaudet was not remorseful and would likely hurt another child if released.

In open court, the judge thanked the victims for being brave enough to come forward and for stopping Gaudet from hurting more children.

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