Malta Mental Health provider arrested for sexual relationship with patient.


Between October and November of this year, Investigators believe 62 year-old Brett Klersfeld was forcing sexual conduct on a female mental health patient. The claims include groping, and performing sexual acts.

"I would definitely be apprehensive about going back to another provider for sure. this is something where she was violated in the worst of ways by someone you should have the utmost trust in," says Lieutenant Jeffrey Brown of the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office heard about this through someone who knew the victim. Officials say the victim was over 18, but she couldn't consent because she was a patient.

"It's during a treatment session that a patient is not able to consent due to the position of the other party and the situation that they're in," Brown said.

Court documents from Malta Town Court show that he was committing them at Union Counseling Mental Health Services. CBS6 asked them for their response, but they declined to comment on this story.

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