Measles outbreak confirmed in New York


The New York State Health Department is warning residents of a measles outbreak.

Most cases are in the New York City area and lower Hudson valley, and some have also been confirmed in the Rochester area.

While there are no cases in our region now, parents are warned to watch for symptoms.

CBS 6 spoke with Pamela Altman, a pediatric nurse practitioner with Troy Pediatrics. She says she worked in this area when we had numerous cases in the region in the 80’s. She says that’s before kids started getting two shots, which has helped boost immunity.

She says there is a lot of flu going around the region right now, and she says the way to tell the difference between the flu and measles is that with measles you get a rash. She says the rash starts on the face.

“Kids can get a really severe conjunctivitis. It’s not your normal little pink eye you see at school. I mean their eyes are totally red, and oozing mucus. their noses are very runny,” said Altman.

She says at the first signs of a rash to call your nurse or doctor.

You can also call the New York State Measles Hotline at 888-364-4837.

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