Meet Troy City Councilman-elect Anasha B. Cummings


If you live in Troy, you might be receiving a special holiday greeting from Troy City Councilman-elect Anasha B. Cummings. On the front, he is dressed like Santa. Why you might ask? It's not just the beard. He is looking back to Troy's history.

He says his district in Downtown Troy is where "Twas the Night Before Christmas" was first published. That poem contained the first description of an American Santa as we know him today. So this is a tribute to our place in the Santa story.

Cummings says he is passionate about making local politics fun and interesting for people so that they are engaged. He's also looking forward to working with a young council.

Cummings is I’m 29. TJ Kennedy is 27 and David Bissember is 31.

He says there is already a lot of great progress in Troy, but as we continue that progress, we need our local government to be a credible partner on that progress.

He says like many cities, we are currently facing some pretty difficult budget challenges. This year in particular, the outgoing council left us with a $3M budget deficit which we are working quickly to resolve. We are meeting with various community organizations already to develop policy solutions, which is our governance approach broadly.

Cummings says he has already started connecting with local groups working on policy solutions.

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