Mother of Brandyn Dayne Foster: "He didn't deserve this"


"I always used to wonder when I would hear people's children died, I'd just think 'oh my god.' I couldn't even imagine."

This week, after more than a year of waiting, hoping, praying, Bonnie Rose Steinberg was given the terrible truth.

"I knew my son was gone, in my heart, but when I actually heard it, you know, heard it from the investigator, it hit me like a truck."

31-year-old Brandyn Dayne Foster was reported missing under suspicious circumstances back in January of 2017.

In October, State Police searched on Tool House Road in Catskill, where Brandyn had last been living.

That search appeared to come up empty.

They returned again to the same house Tuesday, and the Greene County Coroner confirmed Brandyn's body had been found.

"It's just hell. Pure hell."

Speaking over the phone from her home in New York City, Steinberg says Brandyn was the perfect son, and a loving father to his 10-year-old son.

"He couldn't do enough. It was like Christmas every day. It was zip lining, racecar driving, sleigh riding, to the aquarium, to the zoo, to Disney World on his birthday."

She says Brandyn named his son Jazzon, after his father, legendary jazz musician Al Foster.

Brandyn was also in the industry. His mother says he was a hip hop and rap artist.

She says he had a big career ahead of him -- and an even bigger heart.

"He was kind, he was compassionate, he loved life, and he didn't deserve this."

State Police have not released how Brandyn died, but Steinberg says she believes he was murdered -- and she's confident justice will be served.

"They made a very big mistake. They hurt a lot of people. They ruined a lot of lives, including their own."

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