Mother of snowmobile accident victim donates 2 snowmobiles to sheriff’s office


It's been almost two years since Maria Ross' 24 year-old son Henry died in a snowmobile accident.

"It’s not something that goes away with time," Maria Ross said.

In a matter of months since that day, she raised 30,000 dollars to help get the Fulton County Sheriff's Office two brand new snowmobiles,

"It took some time for them to get to Henry, I don't know if that would have made a difference we can’t go back in time but we can move forward and try and make sure nobody goes through what henry went through," Maria Ross said.

Both are complete with decals and brand new LED lights. Sheriff Richard Giardino hopes this can lower their average of one deadly snowmobile accident per year.

"It gives them a level of comfort knowing that maybe we can make a difference with somebody else's family,” Giardino said.

Now they're moving from street patrol to snow patrol. Giardino says today was only the second time they'd brought them out in the field.

A big problem deputies are running into are snowmobiles without registration stickers on both sides. But they don’t recommend that you put them on while it's snowing out, otherwise it could come off.

Under a new state law, if you don't have a registration sticker on your snowmobile, you could be slapped with a 200 dollar fine.

New York State’s complete guide to the new snowmobile laws are in the link below.

Also below is the link to Henry Ross III’s memorial facebook page.

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