Mother, son traumatized by baseball bat attack


"I'm shaken up just even rethinking that. It's just the worst feeling in the world."

Natia Shim says she was in the car that her son Nace was driving on Thursday - when they were run off the road in Latham.

"They were yelling that they were the white supremacists and we n-words do not belong in their country."

She says a number of men got out of the car and started beating the car she was in with baseball bats and a frying pan - she and her son, terrified inside.

"It's a life or death situation, they threatened to kill us."

State police confirmed to us that they are still investigating in incident - Shim says she was told by an officer that the suspects actually called police and told them they had followed her and Nace, saying they saw the Troy High School student pick up a slushee at Speedway.

"For them to identify the exact drink, they followed us to a gas station and everything I'm like, are you serious? Why are these people not arrested?"

Police say there are a number of witnesses - but no arrests have been made yet because each witness needs to go through a deposition - and they're still waiting on one.

Shim says she thinks her son was mistaken for someone who stole a car radio from the suspects - but a possible mistaken identity has traumatized her and her family.

"I really have to get me and my kids out of here because we're not safe."

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