Motor Trend Network shooting episode at Lake George, featuring Minnie Ha-Ha steamboat


LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (WRGB) - Andrew Meader with the Adirondack Film Commission says the production company for "Dirt Every Day" offered to come shoot an episode at Lake George sometime in the near future. The show demonstrates new breakthroughs in off-road vehicles. Meader says the Minnie Ha-Ha steambout will play a part in their next episode.

"The Mini Ha Ha is an iconic vessel for our area and something people can recognize,” Meader said.

He says the lure of the lake was also a big draw.

"It’s very photogenic we have the lake, we have small downtowns, it can look like a lot of different places,” Meader said.

Many details on the project are still being nailed down, but it is expected to pump some extra money into the local economy.

Meader says the last time a TV show was shot in the area, the crews spent over 20,000 dollars in catering and meals, and 25,000 dollars in location fees.

The production company behind the project does not have a date nailed down yet. But they should be in town for anywhere between four and ten days.

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