Move to consolidate New York's primary elections could mean fewer candidates


NEW YORK STATE - New York State could consolidate its primary elections, a move that could save taxpayers millions of dollars. But it could also affect how many candidates we see running in key local races.

If approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the next primary election will be held in June instead of September, when it's been held in the past. That means anyone looking to be a candidate will have to get their campaign together fast.

The first day for circulating petitions is coming at the end of February. The filing deadline will be at the beginning of April.

A race CBS6 has been watching closely could be impacted by the move. In the city of Cohoes, Democratic Mayor Shawn Morse is running for reelection - and this point he is unopposed.

But he is also facing police investigations into allegations of domestic abuse involving his wife and daughter that have led to call for his resignation.

Anyone who wanted to enter that race is now up against the clock to begin a petition campaign.

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