North Hoosick homeowners near train tracks express concerns

RensCo derailment pic 4.jpg

NORTH HOOSICK, N.Y. (WRGB) - After Wednesday’s train derailment in Hoosick, safety officials evacuated people who lived within a half-mile from the scene as a precaution.

As of Thursday morning, people in two out of four homes were allowed back inside.

CBS6 spoke with one of the evacuees who lived right next to the derailment. He said the train sounded louder than normal, and then he heard a loud crash. He said it was an hour before someone came to speak to him, and told him to evacuate. When we spoke to him Thursday morning, he wasn’t sure when he would be allowed back home. He said he was alright with being kept back, until they determined it was safe to go back.

CBS6 spoke with several people in town who live near the railroad tracks. They say train traffic has increased a lot over the past years, and the trains are very loud.

CBS6 spoke with one resident who’s backyard is right next to the tracks. She said she’s frustrated with the traffic.

“We were told when we bought this house there were no trains that would be going through here at all. None,” Susan Whalen said.

She bought her house on Baby Lane 30 years ago. She said now, she hears a few trains each day.

“The noise and those tanks - they could possibly derail. We haven't had anything happen here, but like you said, it's right down the road and who knows?” Whalen said.

She said she’s concerned for her family, and she wants the train companies to build safety barriers.

“The people that run the trains really have to get out here and make it a little safer for the people that live right here,” she said.

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