Mysterious death of a Rotterdam woman focus of TV show

Amanda Pucci (1).JPG

ROTTERDAM, NY (WRGB) The case of the mysterious death of a Rotterdam woman is set to be the focus of a Chicago television show.

Amanda Pucci was found dead in an alleyway in Chicago in 2014. She was 23 years old.

Producers of “Case Files Chicago” work with law enforcement agencies on unsolved homicides, missing persons and violent crimes in an effort to generate tips and create leads. They are currently working on an episode about Pucci’s death.

Amanda Pucci went to SCCC. She was also a 2009 graduate of Schalmont high.

Fliers remain up in Chicago, offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the death of Pucci.

“We are hoping that somebody will remember something, anything, that will just give us the extra lead that we need,” said Amanda’s mom Kristi Pucci.

Pucci says Amanda went out with coworkers on Cinco de Mayo in 2014. When her boyfriend couldn’t find her the next day, he called police. She found in an alleyway near the bar where she was last seen.

Lisette Guillen is the Executive Producer host for Case Files Chicago. She says a detective brought the case to her team. They are currently editing an episode about this unsolved death.

“We really need to show that Amanda is not just a statistic here in Chicago, that she is a real person. She is somebodies loved one, and we need answers and her family needs answers,“ said Guillen.

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