Neighbor remembers Tom Flood, who drowned Thursday in Vermont

Tom Flood.PNG

"Just a few days ago I waved to him two days ago when he was packing up."

Dean Scacchetti didn't know that would be the last time he'd ever to talk to Tom flood, his neighbor and friend.

"I still can't even believe it, I'm expecting him to get into his driveway and get out."

Scacchetti, who is disabled, says he always counted on Flood to help him with the little things - mowing his lawn or shoveling snow out of his driveway,

"For a lot of doctor's appointments I've had, I need transportation since I can't drive. Driveway was always done."

State police say the 61-year-old Flood was boating on Lake St. Catherine on Thursday when he fell into the water. Police say he wasn't wearing a flotation device. The water was choppy causing to Flood drift away. They didn't find him until Friday around 3pm.

Scachetti says he and flood loved to share stories about that lake.

"He really wanted to move up there and make that kind of his permanent residence and retire."

"It's gonna be weird not seeing him around. Definitely."

CBS6 learned that after teaching at Niskayuna High School, Flood also was an assistant basketball coach at Colonie High School.

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