Niskayuna parents question lengthy lockdown


NISKAYUNA, NY (WRGB) - A meeting was held Wednesday night following a lockdown at Niskayuna High School on Monday that has many parents - and students - angered over how it was handled.

Students were stuck in classrooms - and on buses - for hours.

On Wednesday, one student was suspended for leaving the classroom during the lockdown so she could use the restroom.

Jessica Joralemon’s son is a sophomore. He was taken back to NHS by bus after his BOCES program in Albany on Monday. That was around 1:30 p.m.

"About five hours later, he calls me and says, ‘Well you can come pick me up off the bus.’ And I said, ‘What bus?’, and he said, ‘We're on the bus that's blocking the entrance to Niskayuna High School."

Joralemon was shocked to learn her son and nine other students were put on a bus right outside the school and told to stay.

"I expected that they would have had the bus rerouted to go somewhere else," Joralemon said.

She says the school told her it was due to miscommunication. She's gotten no more answers since.

But information did come on Wednesday to one mother.

Maureen Pierre’s daughter got a letter on her way into school this morning that she was suspended for gross insubordination.

"After six hours in a classroom, having to go to the bathroom, she was not going to pee in the garbage can, she was not going to pee in a cup," Pierre told CBS6 over the phone.

Pierre says her daughter needed to leave the classroom to use the restroom, so she did.

Now, she's suspended for four days.

"I don't think they should use my daughter as a spectacle and make her stay out of school for four days for something that I don't think she did wrong,” Pierre said. “They can't even produce a policy for me on this."

Overall, these mom's hope to hear some sort of procedures.

"I don't understand what happened, and what are they going to do to prevent it from happening again?" Joralemon asked.

We reached out to the school about the bus situation, and were told, “We learn from every situation, and we will be looking into refining our procedures.”

The school could not comment on the suspension.

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