Niskayuna skips Anthem at pep rally, plays for game


A decision by the Niskayuna school district has this parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, in tears.

"To hear that they're not doing the national anthem is heartbreaking."

Administrators announced Friday the Star Spangled Banner would not be played at a high school pep rally.

This after a Niskayuna football player and cheerleader both took to their knees at a game last week - sparking mixed emotions.

"It should be a way that we all come together, not pull apart."

The parent we spoke with says both her father and grandfather served for our country, and she says it's because of their service, that people have the freedom to protest.

That's why she says she isn't bothered by kneeling or any other expression during the anthem - she's upset that the song wasn't played at all.

"Yes, I believe they can do what they want and that's part of being an American and what our country is and what it means, to not play the anthem at all is what is the problem ... what makes it so that anybody can take that away from the people who want to stand up and put their hand on their heart."

At their homecoming game after the pep rally, the anthem was playe, and a cheerleader took a knee.

After student athletes who chose to kneel last week got so much backlash, this parent says she hopes the teen isn't targeted.

"That's what we don't want. We don't want that to be the answer. Love, kindness, the freedom to speak, the freedom to do what we want is what this country is all about."

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