North Greenbush Police: 'Distraction burglaries' may be part of criminal ring


NORTH GREENBUSH, NY (WRGB) - North Greenbush Police say they're one step closer to solving the "distraction burglaries" that targeted the elderly in town last week, but the new developments show the crimes may be part of a larger problem.

"Since last week, we've had a number of leads we've followed up on," said North Greenbush Police Chief David Keevern.

Keevern says his officers have been hard at work and working with other Capital District agencies to investigate last week's burglaries in which three suspects posed as water department workers, and robbed two elderly couples.

"We were able to find that another one had happened in Colonie the very next day, and there was one in Binghamton," Keevern said.

He says with help of video from surrounding homes, they were able to track down the vehicle, which he says was rented in Massachusetts and returned there after last week's crimes over many miles.

"We know that they've been very active through the area, through the northeast, all the way from Maine all the way down to Georgia," Keevern said.

He says now the task is working with other agencies to find the suspects for the crimes they committed - targeting a vulnerable group.

"This population is so targeted because it's such a trusting population," Carol Rosbozom, Commissioner of Rensselaer County's Department of Aging.

Carol Rosbozom says warning seniors of these scams is a top priority.

“If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. Trust your gut. Always call. Always take that extra step,” she said.

Chief Keevern says they have the names of two suspects - and they hope to find all three before they find their next victims.

"Once we locate them, then we can go a lot further with the investigation from there,” he said. “That would be a big break for us."

If you have any information regarding these crimes, or you yourself have recently fallen victim to one, contact North Greenbush Police at 518-283-5323.

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