NYS DMV raising awareness about transition to REAL ID

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ALBANY (WRGB) - The New York State DMV is raising awareness about the transition to the REAL ID license, which will affect people catching a flight within the U.S.

Beginning October 1, 2020 you will need a REAL ID or an Enhanced License for a domestic flight. A standard state license will no longer be accepted.

This new law is in compliance with the post-September 11th Federal Real ID act - aimed at increasing security for travelers.

"It's a document that's set up with certain standards, it's very difficult to forge, very difficult to tamper with." Bart Johnson, the TSA Federal Security Director, said.

The Real ID license is also needed to enter a military base or certain federal facilities.

You are not required to get the Real ID license, but when you renew your regular license, it'll be marked "Not for federal purposes", and you'll have to present additional documents - like a passport - to board a domestic flight.

You can also get an Enhanced Drivers License. If you already have one, you don't need to switch to the Real ID. The Enhanced License can also be used when traveling to Canada and Mexico.

The REAL ID costs the same as renewing a standard license. The Enhanced license costs an additional $30.

The DMV is raising awareness about this transition to the REAL ID now, by mailing information, and setting up tables in airports like Abany International. The DMV wants to give people enough time to get the new license.

To get a REAL ID license you need to visit the DMV and present specific documents.

To learn more go to: www.DMV.NY.GOV/REALID

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