Officers hailed as heroes after Mayfield fire rescue


MAYFIELD, N.Y. (WRGB) - Fulton County Cpl. Robert Furman, and New York State troopers Ronald Dacre and Russell Dennie are the reason a 78-year-old woman may survive.

They were told Sally Stanton was still inside a trailer while it was on fire Sunday morning. What came next was something they hadn't been trained to do.

"We could hear her moaning, " Dacre said. "We did what I think anyone would do."

The three were going off instinct, entering through a back door.

"She was laying that way, facing that way on the side of the dog crate."

It was hard to breathe and see inside a trailer that had just exploded.

"When you're inside you could hear the roof was creaking. I was mostly concerned that something else would blow up," Furman said.

But their only concern was getting Stanton out. They had to clear debris to find what room she was in and carried her out.

But for them, it was another day on the job.

"I'm not considering myself a hero. We're just doing our jobs," Dennie said.

CBS 6 is told Stanton is still in critical condition, but these three gave her a fighting chance.

"If we didn't go in, you'd probably hear that moan for the rest of your life," Dacre said.

Sheriff Richard Giardino and State Police say they're working on a way to honor the trio for their bravery

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